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Cheat on the ”Swoopa” Doug Bot Challenges

FREE Blue Cow Decal (for Condo)

Laser Gun Item


You can do this once per day to earn 10-100 flow

test-mode 42

Then Straight After:


-Still Under Construction-


14 Responses to "Cheats"

What’s -Still Under Construction-?

The Flow Booster -Test-mode 42- Really Works!!

I have done the first Swoopa challenge but i cannot find the 2nd or 3rd challenge yet… Please Help Me!

The -LaserGun- challenge is boring but good The reason its boring is because when you do the challenge you have to buy the LaserGun. Can’t they just give the item to you for free??

AmAnDa xx

-Still Under Construction-
Means i’m still working on the page :)

I had the same problem with the Swoopa challenges, I logged out and logged back in and it was there so you could try that, if it still doesn’t work, maybe you’re not a high enough level? i’m not sure.. :(

And yeah, you can just get a laser gun from weatherby for free, it’s so silly :\

Im level 65 So i think im a high level + Thanks For The Tip!!

Its cool Weatherby gives out free items :)


thankyou!!! :D x

thanks for them :D :D

hey kays did you make this for stardoll??

Yes she did :) It was for her mini graphics project she was working on a while back :)

Hey, I tryed quiting ourworld I just can’t delete it… But my friend is like making me jealious because she is like on a higher level then me but I just wanna be on a higher level then her to show her that I can beat her.. cause everytime shes at my house she goes on my computer and shows me everything that she has on her ourworld to make me jealious but one day I told her I am getting sick of ourworld so I am going to delete it so maybe I thought that would make her stop like showing me things on her ourworld but no.. so I REALLY want to know a cheat that I canget on a higher level then her!

luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P XD thxz so much i luv it


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