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Web Hunt :D

Posted on: 31/03/2010

This time it’s Vernicia’s turn!

But she insulted Caden so I don’t like her D:



Posted on: 30/03/2010


EDiT: This is now xKays, and I am so, so sorry about Jakee, he should not have used you guys to get him gems to get me a gift Dx

I know it didn’t cost you lot anything, but I feel so bad :l

Message to Jakee: Get your own blog!

Other Edit: No, it wasn’t my referral code, I didn’t make this post

((I’ve put in that edit because someone thoguht it was mine, I doubt it was))


Posted on: 30/03/2010

Hurry up and Buy the March Items before they’re gone forever  :O



I decided to make a new poll to decide what name I should have.. I missed out SacredHeart though by accident Dx

So if you want that, write it in the comments x]]

Wacky o__e

Posted on: 29/03/2010

Yeah so my computer just went really wacky so I couldn’t post this gem codeee as early o__e


Click Here if you don’t have the Toolbar

This is a WordPress Tutorial for DarkAngel1234 on How to Make Polls :]

^and there’s the poll shown in the tutorial xD

If any of you want another tutorial for wordpress, don’t be afraid to ask :] x

*NEW* Blog!

Posted on: 28/03/2010

The official launch of this oW blog is tomorrow so I hope you’ll all visit it!


Good Luck to you DarkAngel1234, I hope your blog does well! :]]

~If any of you have a new blog, be sure to tell me in the comments!

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