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Good bye!

Posted on: 05/08/2010

Goodbye everyone! I just quit ourworld! I hope you all follow my example and even if you dont… Have a great life! I love you all but it is my time to go! Good bye, farewell, Adios!

You are all in my heart forever….

And hopefully ill stay in yours.

Emotionally yours always,

Harley Pup


Code! :)

Posted on: 31/05/2010



Well, if you live in the USA that is. If you dont than you probably have no idea what it is. Here is Wikipedia’s definition:

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 31 in 2010). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service.[1] First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the Civil War), it was expanded after World War I.

Memorial Day
The gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery are graced by U.S. flags on Memorial Day weekend.
Type National
Date Last Monday in May
2009 date May 25
2010 date May 31
2011 date May 30
Observances Remembrance of American war dead

Okay done with the History lesson. *Salutes* Heres the code.


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Message TO XAnastasiaX: If you havent gotten at least 5 gems from the referral, than that means it is NOT working. In that case I will send you a gift next monday for 30 gems. Please check to see if you have 5 more gems. If not, post in the comments what you would like.

XAnastasiaX did u get at least 5 of the gems from the referral? I leveled the noob up to 5 so far… I’m not sure if the referral code is working! Grrrr! If it didn’t work than I will save up to 30 gems on my real account and send you a mystery box of ur choice okay?

Tell me if it worked!

“Dont worry about no thing,
Every little thing is gonna be alright!
Don’t worry, Be Happy!!”

Okay if you are wondering why I put that song (it’s the song that the singing fish sings)

Tourists can go to SKELETON KEY DUNGEON!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!

Once you find a key, have one of your resident friends group you inside the dungeon.

Than you can use your key, and it will randomly give you your prize. :)

Have fun!

^ pic of singing fish 0.0

“Edit: Last Cookie says that we WONT be able to get gifts when we enter the dungeon… :( so what’s the point of going than?

Idk what to do.

Maybe we should go on strike!


No, we don’t want to be rebels… We could get in trouble…. But I don’t care. >:]” >>>>>> all this is a lie. Last cookie lied to us. -.-

I believe xWolfofSorrow more. Cuz he’s like me… He is sarcastic. LC is BORING! (just my point of view ^ ^)


I’ll be the shark!!! Rawrrr ;)

Lol anyways… I just got confirmation that TOURISTS CAN OPEN THE PRIZE BOXES!!! LAST COOKIE AND XINSPIRERX ARE LIARZZZZ!!!!! (maybe their pants are on fire too?)

WE CANNNNN GET PRIZESSSS!!! (right now the prizes are disabled… So not even resi’s can get them right now. AND my key isn’t ready til June 4th… So no point anyway. xD)

But I don’t care. >:]

Why Grammy why?
Why does your computer have to be SO slow…. :(

Lol okay well the reason I posted that is because I won’t be able to get on ourworld this whole weekend… Imma be at my Grandma and Grandpas house! Yippee! xD

So XAnastasiaX your gems will either come tonight (Thursday) or sometime next week.

I have a four day weekend because we have Memorial Day at school. So no school on Monday! Woo-hoo!

And I can post and comment from my phone, and I’ll try to get the gem code to you guys as soon as I can, or Chloe could take care of the gem code this Monday! ;)


Okay I usually don’t post links to other sites but there’s too many pix to copy them here and than give credit and blah blah blah. xD so here’s the link…


Click Here :)


Idk if it’s real.

Edit by xKays (I’m back for a few days I guess :])

– The updates aren’t real because it’s the normal oW stuff.. just edited, and some of the pics don’t match the oW theme.. plus the June updates don’t come out till later ;] x

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