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*NEW Updates*

Posted on: 28/02/2010

-posting pictures soon-

Weatherby’s Challenges: A big bear in Wonderland who gives out new challenges (:

 Beat Street: Ani’s hip-hop themed Island

 Wish List: Make a list of the items you really want, this makes it easier for those who can buy you gifts

 Otto’s Store: The crashed UFO to the very right inside Starlight Skate (:


I was wondering round Soho before and I noticed that the cafe is still closed xP   ..I seriously don’t think it’s ever gonna open lol

Here’s a poll for you lot to vote on anyway:

Double Post again! Oh how lucky you are today x)

1) Has anyone elses oW been lagging since the updates? Or is it just me with my dodgy laptop xP

2) Pleeease don’t ask volunteers on how to become one because it’s really annoying (lol sorry peoples) and just take a looky at thiiiiis:

^click for HQ (this was written by Wylde [maybe?])

^Click for HQ Scooters w/Prices (:    …the  Magical Rainbow Dolphins is my fave xD

Advertise? :P

Posted on: 24/02/2010

Post your blog in the comments :]

EDiT: Thankyou for the nice comments about my blog ^_^


Posted on: 24/02/2010

Edit: ~Updates are done~

!Updates to the toolbar!  [even though not that many people have it anymore xD]

Anyone else got this message for it?:


When are they coming out?

Wednesday 24th

[aka. tomorrow] :D

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