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:) that’s the link…

Your welcome.

And another congratulations to


Our winner is….

*drum roll*


She sent me her answers today on ourworld and THEY WERE ALL RIGHT.

These were the answers:

1. How much overall flow does it take to go from level 1 to level 100? Hint: after level 1-11 the levels go up by increments of 7, eithder do some major math or search some cheat sites ;)
Or you can just guess, the person closest to the number will get this one right.

Answer: 28,721 flow

2. Which bed in your condo has a glitch where you get off of it and it looks like you are flying?

Answer: Volla Bunk Bed 4

3. What is the ourworld owners name and what company does he work for?

Answer: Wylde and he works at Flowplay Inc.

4. What is the name of my crew? (my ourworld name is Harley Pup too, so this should be an easy one)

Answer: The Bloody Roses

5. In October 2009, what rare items were being sold in the boardwalk? And what were their purpose?

Answer: Trick or Treat pumpkins and they were used to collect color changing candy :)

So she will be getting 20-30 gems from er referral code… (i’ll try to do 30 but I’m not sure what the limit is per IP address for referrals)

Post ur referral XAnastasiaX!!!!

Everyone did REALLY good though!

BRAVO BRAVA BRAVISSIMO! O_O I just spoke italian.

Yeah…. So you know how Ourworld said they would finish Battle Station and the Trivia Cafe? Well they never did. e_+ (that’s my OH NO YOU DIDNT face.)

But they did finish SOMETHING… or well… PART of something. (they only made the gate to the Skeleton Key Dungeon) But one problem…

Okay well I don’t understand… On the tester server you can find keys (tourists can too) that I THOUGHT were for the SKELETON KEY DUNGEON…
But I DONT KNOW?! Everyone just told me it’s only for residents!!!! But than why the heck are they letting us find keys if we can’t use them?!?!

Well here is a pic of the gate….
-.- enjoy. Nice looking gate huh? o.e

You’re welcome. O_O

Chloe’s Edit:    (click to make it bigger :D)

Oh. O__O

Posted on: 21/05/2010

1. Phoebe Star, Darkangel1234, Betty Boo 8-) 4/5
2. XAnastasiaX 3/5
3. Hot Cookie and Awesome 205 2/5
4. Deadlove 3169 1/5

Okay so I guess this is the final scores 0.0

Ps. XAnastasiaX I know u r re-sending yours…

But I will post the jackpot question/questions in a few days.

Good luck!

Which questions would you guys rather have? Three easy questions OR one hard question?

“Hi my names Darrell, it’s spelled like D-A-R-R-E-L-L but it’s pronounced Duh-Rell. May I say the back of your head is ridiculous!”

If you don’t know why I wrote that than you are either cyberphobic or you have never lived.

A wise old man told me once:

“Every man dies, not every man lives.”

I don’t know why he told me this because:
1. I’m a girl… DUH!
2. Is he some kind of mysoginist, leaving girls out of his quote?!?”
3. He lives in a hole… Than again, ALL old wise men live in holes. :)

Anywayz… If you do not know who Darrell is than you HAVE to see this video.


And than type in: Can I have your number? MadTV

CAUTION: Please excuse any foul language in this video… It says the word NUMBER in it a few times… Oh that horrid word. Also, if you are a giraffe under the age of 27 than you should NOT be watching this movie, because if you do you will DIE from laughing TOO hard.

Your welcome.

:) Go. Now. And. Use. The. Codes. Twice. Please! xD

U can use this weeks AND the monthly code.. Woo! 20 extra gems :)

If you’re stuck on Harley Pup’s web hunt, you could always click here for another competition :]

So you could win loadsa gems xD

(xChipmunk is a sorta friend of mine, which is why I posted this :])


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