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Good bye!

Posted on: 05/08/2010

Goodbye everyone! I just quit ourworld! I hope you all follow my example and even if you dont… Have a great life! I love you all but it is my time to go! Good bye, farewell, Adios!

You are all in my heart forever….

And hopefully ill stay in yours.

Emotionally yours always,

Harley Pup


17 Responses to "Good bye!"

I like the poem. and i have let go, im not waiting anymore. <3
Im quitting too. as soon as i talk to ray <3

I think the same for me. Quitting would just solve EVERYTHING. I wouldn’t be as stressed out during the year and I can spend more time with my friends and family :) Kiki got declawed…. Her feet has cuts on them and They were bleeding all over my room. :( now my bed has red blotches everywhere. I hope her feet heal. :(

I thought her name was Killer O:
I hope she gets better D:

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Wow, way to kill the mood with spamming.

Ah, yes, Harley, as though you inspire me, I have chosen to play ourWorld on the weekends, because why? Well I can only use the computer on the weekends. The people playing on ourWorld are people too, sitting behind a computer, having fun. It’s like a whole new world, another generation.

And my other friends, my.. REAL friends, I will greatly have those on the weekday. Struggling through the new year of school. I’ll greatly have some more in ballet.

I mean yeah, I kinda like this boy and he asked me out 3 days before elementary school ended.

Best regards, love and care, from your Ana, here and there.


Yeah i know they are real people behind the computers. But i dont really know them. Its like talking to someone that you cant see. Yes… u see their avatar… but how do u know their age, or their gender. Thats it. YOU DONT. I like my friends when i know that they are who they are. And i am in 8th grade… so i will get A LOT more homework than you ana. You are in elementary. That means a worksheet or two and ur done. In middle school you might have to write a paper, 5 pages of math homework, labeling a cell for science, and translating a worksheet from english to spanish. ON ONE NIGHT…. and another thing. Ourworld has become IMMENSLY boring. It also freezes my computer and slows it down. I love you guys but i have to say goodbye! im not deleting my account… but i wont be using it. Goodbye everyone!


Erm, hello.. I’m going into Middle School.
Elementary school was hard enough for me.
Maybe YOURS was easy, but not mine.
Mine was cruelty. Pain and suffer.

And seriously, you just made me really… annoyed.

I’m sorry… But u acted mad when I quit. And that’s not fair. And u said elementary… So I thought u were going to elementary. But I’m telling you, elementary IS easy. You will see the difference. Maybe not in 6th grade but you’ll see it in 7th. I’m in 8th so I have to get ready for highschool this year.


Sorry to see yew go, I’ll miss yew very much…
Everything i say and do VIRTUALLY is real.. I Am a girl and i am 11…
I hope yew get on once every two months or maybe more but Please.. Don’t forget what i’ve done to help…

Love Yew,
x3 Chelsiie x3

Thanks :) and I’m sorry. My mom wanted me to delete my account. She asked me, “Will you delete your ourworld account?” so I did it. I hope you understand. My moms been pretty stressed out lately and it’s the least I can do. And chelsie… I believe you. :) it’s just I don’t believe EVERYONE on ourworld. So even if
I can believe a few people… That doesn’t make up for the fact that there are ALOT of dishonest people. Also message to Ana: I believe you too.

So if I ever do go on again it will be on a noob named Harley Pup or something close to it. :)

I hope Chloe and Chipmunk take care of u… I haven’t seen them in a while.

Welcome, It’s Okay.. I Understand what your going through and it’s tough enough your already in the 8th grade.. I Thought you said you didn’t delete your account you just won’t be on it alot.. Anyway.. I’m happy to talk to you, It’s just that.. Our life is already hard and ourworld just makes it harder.. With the critters and stuff, You have to be on that day or they’re gone..

Wish you luck in high school :)

Yours Now, Forever And Always..(:
Chelsie xx

Harley, can we still talk on here tho? Im going to miss you so much D; And u were right Harley, i have changed. <3

And Harley? Did you believe me when i said i am an 8th grader too? Cause i am. and i am a girl. and it would be foolish to say otherwise. I really am going to miss you <3
I wont forget you, ever <3. And i think part of the reason that i have changed, is because…well….you. I think you changed me. but in a good way <3

Thanks… And I miss you guys too. And I’ve changed too. It’s hard for me to do this, but a clean break is what we all need. I want to start a new chapter of my life now. I want to hang out with my friends and get straight As. And I hope I did help u all. But I’m selfish. I enjoy helping people and it’s almost like I’m helping people for my own benefit becuz I like to see people smile, which makes me selfish. And yes I believe all of u. Good bye!
“Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible. Tell them all I know now, shout it from the rooftops! Light in the skylights, all we have js broken! Tell them what I thought would be impossible!”

:) impossible to say goodbye, but I guess Nothing is impossible. (at least that’s what the quote says…. But whoever says “nothing is impossible” has never tried to staple jello to a tree.) good bye!

We can still talk here tho……right? D: cause i missess uu D:
Jello to a tree……never heard that one <3 Guess there is a first time for everything. imma try it o.o


Hey Harley, I’m GothAngel well…. Just call me faye :) I never knew you but I want to so PlEASE STAY! :'( stay on ourworld or at least here commenting! And uh one questin… I do not live in the U.S.A so I donno ”grade” but my american friend said I would be in 3rd grade but I donno, I’m 10 years old so….
~Xx GothAngel xX

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