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Did u get 5 of the gems?

Posted on: 30/05/2010

XAnastasiaX did u get at least 5 of the gems from the referral? I leveled the noob up to 5 so far… I’m not sure if the referral code is working! Grrrr! If it didn’t work than I will save up to 30 gems on my real account and send you a mystery box of ur choice okay?

Tell me if it worked!


15 Responses to "Did u get 5 of the gems?"

Umm in Yessssss!

It says ur key isnt activated until june 4th
I dont even kno the dungeon excists!!
Where is the keys and Where is the dungeon??
Is this on Playtest or real ourworld???

Chelssseeeeaaaa x3

Playtest xD

What site is playtest?

Playtest is only for volunteers :/ It stinks cause I’m not one


DANG!!!! F***

I’m not swearing i said F* I* S* H*!!!

Hey Harley, it doesn’t work o.e That kinda stinks, cause I’d rather have the gems than a gift. Ah well!

Okay, the gift of my choice is the Transformation box since you’re gonna save up and it’ll be here next month :3


Yup, next monday I will get the Monday gem code and send it to you :) too bad the referral didn’t work :-/

oh well. I hope you get something good out of the mystery box :)

:D And thank you so much (I am not the richest person on the planet (of oW))

Harley, do you have a referral code?

just be grateful you won :)

I am grateful o.e

Ya I have one.
But I like earning gems the old fashion way… :)

and I think they deleted all the referral ties… So they don’t work anymore.

Yeah, that’s true x.x

Yupz… :l

Becuz some people missused them they took it down to 3 times per IP address… But some people just leveled their three up to like 30 and they got 90 gems X__X or they hacked and made each level 100 and than deleted them and remade them AGAIN. and they got 1000s of gems x__x

So than they took it away PERMANTLY.. I think o.e”

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