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We have our winner 0.0

Posted on: 23/05/2010

Our winner is….

*drum roll*


She sent me her answers today on ourworld and THEY WERE ALL RIGHT.

These were the answers:

1. How much overall flow does it take to go from level 1 to level 100? Hint: after level 1-11 the levels go up by increments of 7, eithder do some major math or search some cheat sites ;)
Or you can just guess, the person closest to the number will get this one right.

Answer: 28,721 flow

2. Which bed in your condo has a glitch where you get off of it and it looks like you are flying?

Answer: Volla Bunk Bed 4

3. What is the ourworld owners name and what company does he work for?

Answer: Wylde and he works at Flowplay Inc.

4. What is the name of my crew? (my ourworld name is Harley Pup too, so this should be an easy one)

Answer: The Bloody Roses

5. In October 2009, what rare items were being sold in the boardwalk? And what were their purpose?

Answer: Trick or Treat pumpkins and they were used to collect color changing candy :)

So she will be getting 20-30 gems from er referral code… (i’ll try to do 30 but I’m not sure what the limit is per IP address for referrals)

Post ur referral XAnastasiaX!!!!

Everyone did REALLY good though!

BRAVO BRAVA BRAVISSIMO! O_O I just spoke italian.


23 Responses to "We have our winner 0.0"

Congrats person i dont know. :l

Cindy.. Cindy… Cindy… Don’t be a sore loser…

U know u couldn’t b in it cuz ur my sis! It wouldn’t be fair!

:D YAY! Okay here goes…

http://w02.ourworld.com/v11/tracking source=ref_link&user_id=17167852


Sorry the other one wasn’t right cause it left out the ?

:) you will get the gems some time this week. It will take some time… Becuz I have a lot of tests this weekend. But I’ll try my best.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Im Making A Noob For U Tew Anastasia!!!
Yew Deserved To Win.. (Not REALLY)

Thank you so much!!!!

What do you mean not really? o.o

My Sis did that but see how it says Not REALLY!!!
Really is in caps so it means REALLY yew should of won REALLY!!

I Wanted To Win :( I had them all write except Wylde :(
Does The Person Who Came Second Get A Gift Worth 15 gems???



Not sure…. Becuz I would but with Referrals and IP Address can only click on either 2-3 referrals before they stop working. I’m not sure how many I can do.


The codes coming. I just woke up and I gotta get ready for school but I’ll post it in a second :)

oh ok sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank u!

…there was more than one answer for number 5

Nope. Becuz I said “rare items sold IN the boardwalk,” and that means IN TE BOARDWALK. and it has to be SOLD not given away…
So I needed an exact answer for that… Otherwise like 5 people would have won already. :l

So I was picky with answers.

threads is on the boardwalk v_v

Well that would have been IN THREADS… I said being sold “In the boardwalk..” I guess I should have been more clear… I’m sorry. But XAnastasiaX got the answer I was looking for… :l

i got the 3 question person right it just didnt know for what company he works for…. XO

:l im not a SORE LOSER :l Hmphh…..no part of my body is sore so im not a SORE loser :P im just a hurt loser because u told me there was a contest the day u picked her as the winner…..so……and i didnt have the link to this page :l AND i should be able to compete even tho im ur “sis” because i could get all the answers right and win.

xD next contest u will know about it early :)

I wish i win ‘A’ contest!! :(
I never win anything =(

I’m sorry…. But some time in the future I’ll have an easy contest. :) right now I’m just worried about the referal gems… Because I am exhausted from 3 hour swim practice every day and I have a math test, Spanish finals, and a Tom Sawyer movie that I have to make in the next two weeks. I’m trying to do good on them. So also…

XAnastasiaX you are GOING to get your gems… But right now I’m really busy… They will come way before June 11th though. I PROMISE.

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