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Oh. O__O

Posted on: 21/05/2010

1. Phoebe Star, Darkangel1234, Betty Boo 8-) 4/5
2. XAnastasiaX 3/5
3. Hot Cookie and Awesome 205 2/5
4. Deadlove 3169 1/5

Okay so I guess this is the final scores 0.0

Ps. XAnastasiaX I know u r re-sending yours…

But I will post the jackpot question/questions in a few days.

Good luck!

Which questions would you guys rather have? Three easy questions OR one hard question?


22 Responses to "Oh. O__O"

Rooaaar!!!!! I WANNA WIN! xDDD

xD lol did u send the re-do yet? I’m checking ow right now xD

Won’t let me log on :l and I won’t be on for the rest of the weekend.

Yeah, I did….. :O

BUT when I do get on ourworld… Like Monday or something, I will fix your score. :)

Oooh yay! I think I got all of them right! o.o Idk

OMG!!! wat one did i get wrong???

I think u got the person wrong? >.< idk. I can't get on OurWorld this weekend to check everyone… And I still have to fix Anastasias score… Becuz ourowrld changed all of her answers.

Ok umm When r u putting the final questions on??

Pls do it soon (:

I Luff Yew..!!(:

Yes im tied for the first…. ^.^

:O i know phoebe star xD
i’ll go for her to win :P

:) or if u send YOURS by Monday I will add u to the list ;) the questions are a few posts down from this :)

nah.. then i’d have to give away my oW identity ;)


Ummm… We don’t make the codes >_<

and we post ALL the codes we get….. Also nobody sends gifts anymore…. :) it always feels better if you buy something after saving up, it makes the item worth it. Because it took effort :)


I agree with HARLEY no one sends gifts anymore.. Well not tew yew anyway they send gifts to me.. 2 Months ago i got a Crown that costs 100 gems ;)

And Ourworld Makes The Gem Codes So Yew Hav Tew Wait Every Monday…


Yeah… SOMETIMES people send gifts… But usually if someone has a lot of gifts in their gift section, it means they have a lot of noobs. >_< cheaters. Lol I admit I WAS one of those cheaters o__o but I've changed. Now I earn my gems the hard way. I take the WHOLE 5 MINUTES to add it the gem code. Whew. I'm sweating just thinking about all that hard work. o_e

Wow Harley Wow xD im one of those cheaters :) but i can never save up till a 100 to send myself a crown O__O to longg xD

Yes. I KNOW u r one of da cheaterz…. Tsk tsk tsk. xD

Haay Peoplez

I’m just telling u that if u used the gem codes or referral gems it wont let u buy urself somthing that costs gems cuz it just wont let u x_+ (thats my I HATE U WYLDE face Lol xP)

But all of her noobs are over level 25… >_< she leveled them all up. So now she can send gifts to herself.

It still doesn’t let yew HARLEY

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