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Bored out of my mind…

Posted on: 20/05/2010

“Hi my names Darrell, it’s spelled like D-A-R-R-E-L-L but it’s pronounced Duh-Rell. May I say the back of your head is ridiculous!”

If you don’t know why I wrote that than you are either cyberphobic or you have never lived.

A wise old man told me once:

“Every man dies, not every man lives.”

I don’t know why he told me this because:
1. I’m a girl… DUH!
2. Is he some kind of mysoginist, leaving girls out of his quote?!?”
3. He lives in a hole… Than again, ALL old wise men live in holes. :)

Anywayz… If you do not know who Darrell is than you HAVE to see this video.


And than type in: Can I have your number? MadTV

CAUTION: Please excuse any foul language in this video… It says the word NUMBER in it a few times… Oh that horrid word. Also, if you are a giraffe under the age of 27 than you should NOT be watching this movie, because if you do you will DIE from laughing TOO hard.

Your welcome.


3 Responses to "Bored out of my mind…"

The links not working…. But either copy and paste it in your URL
Go to YouTube.com
than type in: MadTV Can I Have Your Number?

lol xDD

Lool xD

I’m A Giraffe and I’m 19 (not my real age)

Shexy Toy Mel xoxo Mwah!

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