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Web hunt standings

Posted on: 17/05/2010

Okay well none of you got all of them right.

Here’s the order of everyone who sent me the email so far:

1. Pheobe Star, Darkangel1234, Betty Boo 8-) 4/5

2. XAnastasiaX 3/5
3. Hot Cookie, and Awesome205 have 2/5
4. Deadlove3169 u only answered 2 of the questions?

I’m going to give you guys a few more days to try to get all five answers (u can re-do it…)

And if it stands at 4/5 I will post a jackpot question… Whoever gets it… Will add another point to their score meaning: if you have 3/5, now you have 4/5…. If you have 4/5 and you get it right…. WOO-HOO! you win ;)

And if the person with 4/5 doesn’t get the question and the 3/5 person does… Than I will post another question… So I’ll keep posting questions until someones score adds up to 5/5 :)


13 Responses to "Web hunt standings"

Ok im going to send my answers aagain hope i get atleast 4 right…

Yeah :) than if you get four right… If u answer the jackpot correct… You would win! :)

OMG!!! Which Questions Did I Get Right?? I’ll Try To Get Them Right Again… PLEASE TELL ME HARLEY!!!!

I’m MelGoesRawr x3 On Ourworld!!! :)

U got 2,4, and 5 right. :)

OMG!!! :) ill try again and again until i get 4 right then ill try to get the jackpot question right ill have 5/5!!!!

Yesssss im tied for 1st woooo hoooo

:) yep… If no one else sends one in…. Than it’s between u and Pheobe. :$

How did u guess his name??
Wat is the name of the ourworld owner and wat thing does he work for?

edit by Chloe: sorry but no cheating please? x

What did I get wrrooonng!?!?!? xD Dx

The server changed all of ur answers…. :(
It kept saying 222222222 for all of the answers O_O
Could u send them again?

O.O Great… okay I’ll try…

I was very certain I was right… X.x

Mmmkay. I’ll prob get the answers on Mon.

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