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Harley Pup Web Hunt :)

Posted on: 15/05/2010


1. How much overall flow does it take to go from level 1 to level 100?

Hint: after level 1-11 the levels go up by increments of 7, eithder do some major math or search some cheat sites ;)
Or you can just guess, if you are close, I’ll give it to you.

2. Which bed in your condo has a glitch where you get off of it and it looks like you are flying?

3. What is the ourworld owners name and what company does he work for?

4. What is the name of my crew? (my ourworld name is Harley Pup too, so this should be an easy one)

5. In October 2009, what rare items were being sold in the boardwalk? And what were their purpose?

Good luck! :)

Contest ends: May 22nd, 2010

[if no one gets the answers by than, I will extend the due date and give everyone another few days]

NOTE: Leveling up noobs takes time, it will probably take a few days… But I will try my best to give you the gems before June.. But don’t get mad if they come at June 2nd or 3rd… :)


15 Responses to "Harley Pup Web Hunt :)"

should i send you the answers to you in ourworld or i have to write the answers here as comment?

you don’t write them like comment,you don’t want anybody to steal your answers.:P

so ill send the answers to you as email in ourworld…ok

Ok i have already send you the answers of the webhunt….^.^ ;)

When I get more than one answer I will post whose in the lead.

What’s the gift?

It is 20-30 gems :) I’ll use ur referral code once I get the winner. So than u can spend the gems or save them urself.

I don’t know 1 -.- and I think no one really knows
I hope it doesn’t sound badly but you should remove it or change t.t

Hehe like I said, JUST GUESS! if you are close, i will count it as right. :)

Also if you get all of the other questions right, and you a few thousand off than I’ll give it to you.
Either guess, or keep looking at cheat blogs!!!

Hint!!! type in : CK ourworld

Search their posts :)

I practically just gave it to u >.<

I sent mine on ourWorld O.o

Yup! That’s what you are SUPPOSED to do. :)

Hey Harley,

I sent the anwsers to ur email sealy1211@aol.au
If thats ok??

I really hope i can win…. I really wanna win!!
I hope i beat the girl in the lead… :D

Bye Mel xx

I hope i beat Pheobe Star!!!

I wanna get the prize :-*

Oh man i only got 2 right how can that be possible…. i was sure that i atleast got 3 right… :(

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