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Royal Furnishings Mystery Box 3010

Posted on: 12/05/2010

Hey everyone! I spent my gems to get a new mystery box and here is what i found!!!!!!!!!!!

First click:

okay fine. not 3010. Its still only 2010. o.e I WISH IT WAS 3010… we might be living underwater by than >:]

Than click the mystery box section, you will see this:

I bought it and went into my clothes inventory, and saw a new section called MISC (The section sometimes appears when your profile is loading… weird glitch 0_0) :

I clicked on it, and the usual “USE ITEM” box was there. So I clicked it and….


So I put it into my Volunteer Server house, with all the usual starter stuff… xD

So anyway that is how you get the new mystery box, once it goes onto live anyway. Its pretty hard to find actually :(

Took me a few tries to find it, but I’m not the smartest cookie in the jar… O_O

Anyways, hope that information didnt bore you to death…. because I am making a list of all the items you can receive out of this mystery box!

First thing is the Royal Chandelier (Found by ME: Harley Pup)

If you are a good, nice, kind, caring, charming, amiable, copacetic, cordial, courteous, considerate, dandy, nifty, lovely, peachy, admirable, becoming, commendable, decorous, delightful, ducky, well-mannered, winsome, prepossessing, charitable, pleasant volunteer who has access to the testing server, and you dont mind wasting your gems, than send me an email at: sealy1211@aol.com and send me your picture of the object and your user name, than I’ll post it on here AND OF COURSE GIVE YOU CREDIT. :)

** I’m not smart enough to know all those words…. to tell you guys the truth I went on Dictionary.com and clicked thesaurus… and typed in NICE, and copyed and pasted the words. xDD I’m a mischievious little girl.

EDIT: once the list has more than one item…. Feel free to take the pix and make a list of your own, on your own blog :)

Also PLEASE give us credit. We want more viewers ;)

Chloe Edit:. I bought two boxes so here’s what I got:

Eh.. not the best things ever, and I think you’ll need quite a few boxes to make it work, but oh well x)


6 Responses to "Royal Furnishings Mystery Box 3010"

Sincerely i never heard about this words O.O

I know. I was as surprised as you were… Last year I thought Thesauruses were dinosaurs!!!! Rawrrr!!!

Rawwrr means I Love You in dinosaur ^_~

hey guys tell me ur charater’s name on ow!

Mines: Harley Pup

That was not me -.-
I’m xX PunKie xX anyway. o.o

I am still working on that anthem . It has 2 verses till noww .
Can’t find a rhyme. w.w

About the Misc thingy , one time it showed me (1) but I haven’t bought anything at all then!Then I clicked and there was nothing because it wasn’t loading and I gotted to close and refresh .
-.- Computers of today…~rolls eyes~

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