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Poll time!!!

Posted on: 11/05/2010

Okay since I’m on my iPhone I can’t put in a REAL poll. So I’ll just have you put your answers in the comments. Also BE TRUTHFUL. I really want to know the truth. :)

Am I funny, or sometimes do I take my jokes too far?

A. You’re REALLY funny! A little crude, but funny!

B. You’re funny!!! But sometimes you take your jokes too far… It’s like butter. If u spread it too thin than it’s no good.

C. What jokes? I thought you were being serious. Better work on your sarcasm.

D. This is my first time and I’m too lazy to read your other posts.

Okay! Answer truthfully’


6 Responses to "Poll time!!!"

I’ll chose A. i think …

oW Anthem. [ i’m talking serious =)) ]
check my site and put a verse :)

-Definately :)

I choose otion a yeah ur really funny and i like that people should have a sense of humor in them and thats a good thing…..

Okay! :) thanks guys! I just didn’t want to make u guys mad if my jokes offended u guys… Or if my jokes weren’t funny to u and just stupid xD so I’m glad u think I’m funny :) even if I’m a bit crude :)

You’re really funny and clever!

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