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Posted on: 09/05/2010

Okay all of you who are not volunteers, i bet you have heard. “Yeah, Wylde isnt taking anymore testers.”

Well you are probably wondering…. WHO THE HECK IS WYLDE?!?!

Thats why I am going to tell you! :D

Wylde is the OurWorld owner… LITERALLY he OWNS Ourworld.

He updates the site every week on the Volunteer Server, and the volunteers, me and some other 399 people, go and test all that he has updated, and than we take pics and give you all a sneak peak! Yippeeee!

This is him on the Volunteer Server.

And if you go and look him up on regular you are going to be like, “This CANT be him, because he is such a low level!! Why doesnt he just level himself up to 100?!?!”

Good question Young Grasshopper. That is because he said he wants to pretend he is just a normal player!

That is all I can say, but I am glad I could teach you this life lesson.

Oh and I must say… You all were a wonderful audience!

Goodnight ladies, goodnight gentleman, goodnight lamps! I hope you enjoyed this class, come back tomorrow and we are going to teach you another life lesson:



4 Responses to "Wylde :)"


Thank you. :) I try my best to make u guys laugh :)

Wylde is 40 years ? -.-

Yup xD

on the Forum he called himself a “Fat 40 yr. old” xDD

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