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How to take Screen Shots and upload them to wordpress.

Posted on: 09/05/2010

Okay now I’ll be more serious. The last few posts probably scared you guys… because I’m like the Mad Hatter… You never know when I will go crazy. :)

So im going to tell you guys how to make Screen Shots :)

1. Click the Start Button or this button :

2. Next you should see a little type box that looks like this:

 well somewhat. But it wont say Google. :)

3. Type in: Snipping

4. Press ENTER

And than it will tell you the directions on how to use it!

NOTE: This only works on XP computers… Im not sure how it works on MAC’s or normal PC’s. But hopefully its the same :)


6 Responses to "How to take Screen Shots and upload them to wordpress."

ty so much ^^

coz printscreen doesnt work on my laptop =[

No problem xD

I got it ,but i don’t have buttons like that o.o

Can you take a screenshot a little bigger so I know where to click?

Okay I’ll do it later because I have homework -.-

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