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Are you a book face?

Posted on: 09/05/2010

Are you a book face?

Do you spend your days staring at a blue facebook screen typing:
– G2G!

Do you update your status with stuff like:
-I am drinking orange juice!
-Going to Florida… sadly i cannot talk to you people i hardly know FOR A WHOLE TWO DAYS!!!
-BRB. Im going to StarBucks… but after i get my Mocha Frappuccino Light with a teaspoon of whip, hold the caramel; i will be back to spend countless hours talking to you OR playing FarmVille :)

Do you get all the games on FaceBook? Yay! I can harvest VIRTUAL PLANTS!!! Woo-hoo!

On your iPhone do you have the FaceBook app? so you can update your status ON THE GO?

Well IF you dont than Ourworld is telling you how to get it, so you can waste your lives even more! :D

If you are a bookface than now you can go on FaceBook AND use the Ourworld app at the same time! Yippee! -.-

And free 10% flow boost for you…. -.- just great… One problem…

Facebook is like drugs or smoking…. 0.0 once you start you will NEVER stop…

That’s why I am proud of the fact that I DO NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK!!

I’m not a bookface!!!! Woo-hoo! Yippee!!! Ohhh yeah, I’m a lucky ducky.

But for all of you who don’t believe me… Go ahead. Waste your lives and become the new generation of humans: The BookFaces….. O_O


4 Responses to "Are you a book face?"

lmao i think i might be a BookFace… and proud ;D

Haha… Lol I’m like anti-facebook so I’m not a book face…. But I’m a Pocket Cell… I don’t leave the house without my phone in my pocket…. Even if it’s dead 0.0

I was wondering the blog could be name pupNladyx or
startow.wordpress.com [ for begginers to click our ,,check me out on ourworld” thingys so we get gems from this ]
or owICU = ow ideas codes updates
respond me so I can start making the new wordpress account!

I was thinking Ourworldinventions.wordpress.com

Because it is gonna be based out of our ideas! :)

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