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Posted on: 30/03/2010


EDiT: This is now xKays, and I am so, so sorry about Jakee, he should not have used you guys to get him gems to get me a gift Dx

I know it didn’t cost you lot anything, but I feel so bad :l

Message to Jakee: Get your own blog!

Other Edit: No, it wasn’t my referral code, I didn’t make this post

((I’ve put in that edit because someone thoguht it was mine, I doubt it was))


11 Responses to ":)"

i will make a noob, 2 u ^^

i hope u get 5 gems ^^

Lol aww it was sweet tho… :D

I consider that cute :D from ur side,jakee

seee xD they found it sweet&cute ;)
and boo yu to that girl who said it was YOUR referral code kirsten, don’t listen to them haters {even though yu only had that one xD] :)

iiLoveYu x

and no i will NOT get my own blog, this one’s too awesome :3 lol

Is x MCR jakee??
If it is Ur so sweet!!!
(Ill make alot of noobs for u if u wanna get her another gift)

AmAnDa x3

yesh i am :)
..this is Jakee lol

and are yu sure? thats really awesome of yu x)

Yesh xD
Im absolutlly positivlly sure

R u Kays boyfriend on ourworld??

iiLoveYu xx

awww jakee that is SO sweet!!!!
i made you three noobs so i’m expecting a gift since you bought kays one with one of your old noobs -_-
haha oj ;)

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