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WordPress Tutorial: Polls

Posted on: 28/03/2010

This is a WordPress Tutorial for DarkAngel1234 on How to Make Polls :]

^and there’s the poll shown in the tutorial xD

If any of you want another tutorial for wordpress, don’t be afraid to ask :] x


8 Responses to "WordPress Tutorial: Polls"

Lol no it’s not a poll… It is a giraffe, O__O

O.o Harley ^^ Mah favorite animal, you guess? :D

I have a queeeestion… When you make a wordpress site do hey always send you e-mails? I’m kind of wondering if I should make a site at wordpress since it is more organized web sort, webs.com is more organized in like typing or posting sort. ^^

I made a wordpress… I haven’t used it yet… But I made one, and I have t got any emails, and I’ve had it for a month…. So idk..

Nope I haven’t had any e-mails off them :]

LOL i like how loadsa people voted on the poll xD
its nice of you to post this, well donee XD

WordPress does send you emails because How else are you meant to know wats going on?? If there are any new updates about WordPress and stuff like that…
Ourworld also sends you emails about new updates!!!

Why do i gotta hav the wacky hair? i want WACKY FUN STUFF HAIR :P


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