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I need your help!

Posted on: 24/03/2010

I want to change my name from  x RockAngel to one of these but I’m not sure which :S

So hows about youu lot vote for me! xD

I didn’t really want the ‘x’ in front of most of the names, it was just a way to have them so they weren’t taken x(

Oh, and if you wanna change your name, pleeeease don’t use any of these :[



13 Responses to "I need your help!"

kirsten’s your name isn’t it?
i voted for that one! :D

and i hope no one does steal the names because that would just be shady -__-

yupp xD
and same here :\

The SacredHeart one sounds good!

It doesn’t need an x either!!! Which makes it cool, if you want I have some names that I was going to do… Here they are:
Ocean Heart
Oceans Curse
Deserted Waves

(lol mine have an oceany theme, like me crew… Cuz I love the water… xDD)

x TearDrop is cool Have that name
x CookieMonster isnt good and I looked it up and someone already has x CookieMonster x So people would probeblly say you copied her name if you chose it

yeah i just wanted something that relates to my personality :3

Ohh yeah Well theres a different one thats not on ur list it’s SpookyScareCrow and it has 15 letters not 16!!

Well its not x CookieMonster x But its xCookieMonster x

So its nearlly the same

whr r u from?

England, UK :]
lol whyy?x

lol i think sacredheart is sweet =P nice names :)

Hey xkays i need your help ive just made my own blog….i want to choose which theme to keep….so caqn you tell me few things.
1)how do you post updates?
2)where do you see the updates?
3)how do you make the poll thingy?
oh and my blog is

1) you make a new post and insert a picture into it
2) the updates are on playtest
3) it’s a bit long so i’ll try my best to explain..

-insert a new post
-under where you add the title of the post, there are 5 little icons, click the last one along that’s a circle
-fill in all the info for the poll
-click save poll
-finally, send to editor

hope that helped, if it’s a bit confusing, I can try making you a picture tutorial :]

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