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la la laaa

Posted on: 23/03/2010


^youu can use it TWO times :D

New Theme”New Pages”New Round!

Yupp, this blog has a new theme, as voted for by you peoples, I’ve also added pages so you can check up on the contests or what not. It’s still got a bit of work to do but don’t fear, it’ll all be over soon x]]

Oh, and.. here’s the questions for the next round which will end on about the 27th, depending on whether I get too many entries, in which case it might end sooner xD

iMP0RTANT EDiT: Boys can do the ‘big jump’ dance move instead of ‘jump up’ for Q6 (:


26 Responses to "la la laaa"

i know all answers

big jump maybe>>> girls have different moves than boys :(

really? ohh i never thought about that, boys can do ‘big jump’ i’ll edit that, thankyouu

haw many points i have ?

10 points :]

cool :) am i winning :O

robihahaaa you’re not winning, some one else is i think, check the competition tab thingy :D

Sthhefany1 and x MCR are tied for 1st place at the moment :]
you can do what doughnut suggested and check the competitions tab if you wanna see whos winning since it’s updated reguarly ;]

yes im winning

Can you pls tell me where is competition tab thingy??? i want to know my score…

i LOVE your challenges ;)

you better do more – –

jks, but yeh…do more :D

haha i’m thinking it might be a monthly thing maybe ;]

i’ve been trying to find out the answers since i only got 5 on the last one! i think i’ve got them all right, i’m just gonna go check them again just incase!

you actually got 6 in the first round so you could be in with a chance of winning!
~Good Luck!x

I am ONLY levl 35 ……… lolz

im winning yay :D

cool im in.. :)

xkays boys can neither do the big jump or the jump up… :(

they can :\

Actually boys do the ‘Jump Back’ dance move….is that ythe name of the move in the question then i have to send the answers again….

nooo boys can do the ‘big jump’ dance move, i checked and my guy friends checked :\

ok then i will ask my friend that if he can do the ‘Big Jump’ dance move……and dont worry i wont cheat….i will not ask him which level you have to be to do the ‘Big Jump’ dance move. ;)

what’s my score?

answer pls…

I entered my Round 2 answer in about 10 seconds ago ^^ Hope I got THOSE right cause I got 6/6 Last round ^^.

BTW, don’t start and end comps during weekdays because I’m too busy and I can’t go on during then ^^

Thank yew!

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