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Keeping Track…

Posted on: 21/03/2010

Since I’ve had loads of entries and the deadline isn’t till Tuesday ((it was Thursday but I changed it))   ..I’ve been keeping track of everyones scores on a Word Document, it’s basically laid out like this:

Name:                          Points:

x RockAngel              6

You get one point per correct question. This way, I’ll be able to keep track of who’s winning :)

So Good Luck to all those who are about to enter! x

EDiT: If any of youu want to know your scores, just tell me your username in the comments ^_^


16 Responses to "Keeping Track…"

how many points i have O_O

4 Points :)

what answers did i wrong?

heya….whats my score?^_^+:D

my ow name is sthhefany1


yey!i’m soooooooooooo happy!!!!

haha youu should be xD
the next round is harder though ;]

how points i have now?

how many points i have now?

i’m not sure, your message came up very odd i.e. something like this:
1 3d :/ 8pd :( 5d
could youu try re-sending it? sorry :(

:O ok

My userame is IcedAngel
..how many points do I have? :) x

youu have 5 points :D
youu got the first one wrong :[

I want to know my score!!
My username in ourworld is darkangel1234

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