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Posted on: 20/03/2010

They are very easy but I’ll do another one later on, which will be harder :D

EDiT: There will be THREE rounds

Deadline for this round is on Tuesday 23rd

Prize: I’ll make you three n00b accounts, which will get you 15 gems! And yes, this will work because the referral system works per IP Address  :)

p.s: Good Luck x]

Another Edit: xD  I’ve put whos winning on the side bar over there –>  ((idea thanks to XxWater FoxXx))




So then, In the lead?

I’ll take over that for sure!



lol quite easy……….
i will send you……..



lol yeah i decided to make it easy ;)

Leading :D

well doneeee xD
p.s: i love your picture ((pon+zi x] ))

where can i send the answers?

send them to me via. message on OurWorld to my account: x RockAngel


add my blog i typed it in the comments Links :)

okayy :)

Oooh…i not in lead no more oh well…lol i told my friends about this btw they might join in!

that’s awesome thankyouu ‘Last Cookie’ :D
+youu could always re-try it if youu want?


so am i gonna get 15 gems!!???~~~
Im so excited so dun break my excited feeling~~

if you get the most points at the end, than yes :D

Oh man..I’ll retryyy :)

This time i’ll try to get numberr 5 :)

but is my answers correct i send it to u!

you got them all right :D

how many points do i have?
my username is IcedAngel :)

and how many people get through to the next round?

you have 5 points :)
and everyone can enter the second round, it’s all based on your overall point score :D

what about me :o?

i sent you…my name aint on there now :(

i anserd number 5 too :(

sorry i haven’t updated it yet, youu got 6/6 this time x]

yay :D

which do you accept tho my first one or second attempt one?


you look awsome btw ^^

the one with the highest score ;]

yay am i one of them since i got the first time?

Just askin :)

Tb x

yupp ^__^
whoever has the highest score at the end of the 3 rounds wins the prizeee :)

oh but it won’t let me say the # of residents…… so what should i do????

hmm have youu tried writing it as a word?

thats alwsome but kinda hard hehe jk ill try to find them all

I bet it wont be me lol..

Just hope…

Dream good dream bad i dunno..lol


Xxwater foxxx ur a looser on ourworld ur level 32 and u wear hit stuff xd

bu if someone got 6/6 then will they still get the 15 gems?

well it’s the person who gets the most out of the 3 rounds (:

so when will i get 15 gems~~

is there a second round :O

there better be >.>

kidding, but i love your challenges :D

me tooo~~makes me heartattack~~and excited~

haha yeah, there’s three rounds ;]

yeah leading thx :)

sososososososo did i win!!?

why u did put my name at the corner :(

you only got 5/6 :/

which 1 wrong….?

Good luck everyone :)

XxWater FoxXx

the hardest is the Number of residents tat can have how many friends…

If you go to my site (click my name) scroll down and click my picture click new account save it and get it to level 5 by using test-mode 42 cryptobiologist I will get you an object 35 gems!!

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