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New Login Themeeeee!

Posted on: 19/03/2010

^New Theme! I have no idea why but I think the girl is quite pretty, however the dude is quite odd o__o

^I like this idea because I’ve bought quite a few things with gems ((especially all those gifts from the long-lost n00bs lol))


26 Responses to "New Login Themeeeee!"

nice and nice blog ;)

cool, go to xanastasiax’s blog, it roxs! ^.^

what’s the address so i can put it on the links? :D

your blogs…okay..but the reason why last cookie hasn’t posted it or nayone else….? cause it’s not that big of a deal lol :/
visit my site? I know it sucks and i’ve had it wayyyyyyyyyy to long for how littl eviews i have..but whatever.

well thanks for your opinion?
+i know it’s not that big a deal but an oW blog is to tell people about the updates and i thought the new login screen was pretty cool tbh :l

Don’t listen to all the posers… Ur blog is great!!! Has a lot more updates than Last Cookie too!

jewlz has just insulted your blog nd now she wants you to visit hers xDDD

p/s: i think the new screen thing is cool xD

Thankyouu Harley Pup and Doughnut ^__^

no problem!! always happy to support a great blog!!

wow, how long hav u had your blog for?

and how many views?

I’ve had it for appox. 5 weeks now ((but I didn’t properly post for a little bit))
On an average day I get an average of approx. 30-50 views (these are all different people) :]

thats a lot of views!

lol thnx fr the info on the updates, plzz c my site too:mandy-stone.webs.com nd plzz join it =P

I’ll put it on the links page ;)

how come i dont have this theme yet?

It’ll be on after the updates on Monday :)

hehe nice blog!

lol sorry… got a bit excited there. .. xD

haha buy a daylight oberon mystery box and youu might get it ;]

great site its amazing and great updates

Um.People.Listen.Everybody thinks that LC’s blog its the best just because it haves a little cuter background?I mean,look at this blog.It’s awsome!I mean,because LC leaved for a few weeks,Kujc is doing nothing and it’s normally to don’t have any posts right yet.As you see,the majority of the OW blogs have this Post:New login theme,excepting Last Cookie,who haves the biggest fame in all OW.By the way,i think this blog has not anything badder than the others,so it’s nice:).But,i’ll sugest you to make lighting background and photos and contest and games so people will like u more than LC.And i don’t hate LC,it’s just a sugesstion!

lol this theme’s my style but I’ll try and find a different one :)
I have a contest open atm ;)
I’ve been looking for a game to put on the sidebar but none of them seem to fit lol

Thankyouu for the suggestions! :D x

Kay,if u want to talk about it [ i think im a good stylist btw ] ask 4 my email [ yahoo ] cuz i have a lot and lot of sugestions for volunteers.One day i clicked live help and someone came.it was rude cz i gived her a sugestion and she was so bored and mean :|.i think her name is CSI T .i think it ll be awsome if i will talk with you ,i have awsome ideas or i can make some.anyway,we could talk here if u want.

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