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Sorry Dx

Posted on: 18/03/2010

eep! I just realised I haven’t posted in aaaages ((and by that I mean.. 2 days))  so I think I should make it up to you by having a competition! :D

The Prize: I’ll make you three accounts and get them to level 5, which will mean 15 gems for you ((I decided it’s better than giving a gift to you so this way you can save up. I know it’s only 15 gems but if I make too many accounts I’m scared oW might ban me :S ))

The Comp: Uhm.. I’m not sure yet so here’s a poll with a few ideas!

Brief Explanation of the Ideas:

(Credit to Petra) Snap! =Find me,print screen me,save the picture on Paint,mail it to me

Kay’s Web Hunt =I’ll make questions like the oW web hunts and you can mail me the answers through oW


8 Responses to "Sorry Dx"

lol well i would really like 15 gems so yea :P

haha which idea did youu vote for?x

Wait,.. I already used all of my turns in making noob accounts… D:
so that means I can’t participate because the prize wouldn’t work for me…

that’s set per IP Address, and since I have a different one to you, I can make you accounts ;)

Oh really??? That is so cool!!!! Thanks for telling me that!! Ok I vote for the Web Hunt!!!

haha no problems!x

I would really like 15 gems to add onto my 11 (Cxy Chelsea x3) and my 35 gems (HeartzZz)

I voted for Kay’s WebHunt xD

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