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:O Free Flow? No way!

Posted on: 15/02/2010

Me: Hey, you there!

You: M..me?

Me: Yeah you, get over here!

– you walk over with a confuzzled look on your face-

Me: Get on OurWorld and do this for many free flow!

You: Uhm.. okayy…

Me: Type..


(press enter)


(press enter and watch the flow go by)  ;]

You: Hey, thanks stranger! I just got 10 flow.

Me: That’s right kiddo, and everyday you will get more and more until you reach 100!

You: What happens if I forget to do it one day? :[

Me: It’ll go back down to zero :[

^hehe I’m also a scriptwriter.. bet you didn’t know that, eh? ;]


4 Responses to ":O Free Flow? No way!"

awsome blog !! if you want ill tell ppl on my blog to visit you blog k?


awhh thankyouu :D

oh that’s why now i am back to 9 flows from 100 flow..i couldn’t do it one day..and now….grrr…

ouch. i keep doing that too x(
it never used to do that but then more people found out about it so they changed it :/

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